This debut novel was originally written as a thesis for the degree; MA in Creative Writing at UCT. It took six years to complete. The initial text of Heartfruit was written in English with predominantly Afrikaans dialogue. (This was changed for publication purposes.) The manuscript at one stage was a whopping 750 pages.

The working title, Onion Heart was replaced by Heartfruit only a month before academic adjudication of the text. The name, Heartfruit derives from a Southern African tree, Hymenocardia acida, of which the fruit is in the shape of an indented heart. Local people of this area use the leaves of this tree in the roofs of their homes to ward off lightning.

The novel traces the story of a South African fruit farm in the Cape from the late sixties to the end of the twentieth century. The story explores the economic relationships and legal issues surrounding farming and the export of South African fruit from South Africa. As a historical novel it also deals with a complex private relationship within a changing political landscape.

Human & Rousseau are the publishers of Heartfruit. The author is busy with her second novel.

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